Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Aaron Hobson ~ Dormant

I have started to put together a set of photographs inspired by the new revelation of deathscapes (a term coined by Paul Raphaelson) of Stieglitz & others as well as a small amount of Joel Peter-Witkin influence (sidebar: I remember being 13 years old sitting around at home after school, I probably should have been doing homework, but found myself thumbing through a Joel-Peter Witkin book (yes, dad had some strange books laying around to corrupt me early). This book later actually came in handy for a science class project in which I wrote a report on hermaphrodites using his work for visual aid. I seem to remember the teacher and the class - Catholic school - being quite appalled.

Another large factor in this is my background in design. I want to create photos that tell a story, and with plenty of (IMO) aesthetically pleasing "treatment", I was able to (IMO) tell the whole or deeper underlying story of the scene and myself. I know this process changes the photograph, but being a "Gen X'er", I couldn't help myself. Does this change the category of my work to Mutlimedia? or collage? I'm not sure? I still see it as the scene I shot, and simply applied what was in my mind at the time via a process in the "digital darkroom". Am I moody? sometimes, yes. Am I disturbed? depends on your taste. Do Adirondack winters bring cabin fever? sometimes yes. I believe the processing/treatment end of this will evolve and develop with time as this is just the start.


Anonymous Michelle Parent said...

I really like the "treatment" on this. It has a really dark mood, which I'm sure was your intent. A suitable "deathscape".

12/15/2006 12:37:00 AM  

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