Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Photopop 7.0

Photopop 7.0 has recently become fascinated by night photography. In all probablity this stems from his View the Commute photography/blog - the evening half of his commute (6 miles - no traffic, some might take issue with this drive as a "commute") is driven and photographed in the dark. He has discovered the oddly colorful world of out-of-whack WB and, I suspect, the hidden-mystery quality that can be inherent in night photography.

The fact is, I like night photography myself and I thought that you all might like to check out The Nocturnes


Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting how ""night"" gives you (the photographer) the ability to render a scene with an almost endless freedom/liberty. A bit like with BW photo I guess.
I mean you can block shadows, keep blown highlights, keep the obvious color casts of xenon or mercury lamps etc...
i love it.
Nice series here.
The form takes much room/importance. Subject tend to disapear behind the form in night photography.
Composition seems secondary too... it may be just my way of "seeing" night images.

See you

michel legendre

11/14/2006 08:15:00 PM  

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