Monday, November 13, 2006

Urban ku # 6 and a last comment on HDR

Intersection of Center and Maple Merchantville, NJ.

Eric Fredine wrote (in part), "..I hardly ever see an HDR photograph where I don't immediately notice the halos. It's an inherent characteristic of the process.

I think HDR will be nothing but an interesting historical side-note - a work-around to a technical problem. Exactly the way graduated neutral density filters are (were?) used to overcome the limitations of slide film....

I agree in as much as HDR/Tone Mapping software/technology is in its infancy and many improvements are needed for it to blossom into an "invisible" technique.

That said, however, I am still not certain after testing the HDR/TM waters - only skimming the surface of the many variables involved in creating a HDR/TM photograph - that obtaining "invisiblely" applied technique is not possible at this state of software development.

In any event, I still believe it behooves the involved photographer to at least familiarize him/her-self with what's going on out there in the HDR/TM paradigm.


Anonymous Eric Fredine said...

It may be possible to achieve transparent results with HDR - I just haven't seen it accomplished yet! (In this photograph, the halo where the trees meeting the skies is bothersome.)

BTW: I've been blending photographs long before it became HDR became fashionable. Some of my Prairie Waters photographs are blends of two exposures - but these are relatively simple blends (mostly along the horizon line).


11/13/2006 09:17:00 PM  

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