Friday, January 12, 2007

urban ku # 18

Another "decaying" Mom & Pop establishment along Rt. 9N. just south of Plattsburgh, NY. Although, in this case, it's a thriving landmark business during the spring/summer/fall season. And, believe it or not, the camera was dead level - Clare and Carl's is an authentic architectual fun house.

Around these parts Clare & Carl's is known as the in-place to go for the finest Michigan hot dogs or a "Michigan", as they are commonly called. A Michigan is a steamed hot dog on a bun smothered in a meat sauce, onions opptional. The name "Michigan" originated in Plattsburgh, NY around 1927 at place called Nitzi's, which was also on Rt.9. Clare & Carl's dates from 1942. It's kind of odd that, even though you can get a meat sauce smothered hot dog in Michigan (the state), nobody there knows what a "Michigan" is.


Anonymous mary dennis said...


When you combine your new images of "man" stuff from the adirondacks with your "nature" stuff from the adirondacks, what a beautiful, rich portrait you are painting. I can see these images woven together in a two or more volume photography book set that would be a priceless record of this unique part of our country. A real, down-to-earth, full-bodied record.

1/13/2007 12:55:00 PM  

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