Wednesday, November 15, 2006

ku # 436 and a thought for your consideration

Maybe it's the time of year that has influenced the darkness of this photograph and those of Michel Legendre and Photopop 7.0. Collectively, we are in the grips of late afternoon sunset sets (4:27pm today) and add to that some gloomy overcast weather...

I can't speak for Michel or Photopop, but I usually don't complain about the weather - it is what it is and I take as it comes. I've even adapted to playing golf in the rain (light rain). I also photograph in the rain, something that I haven't seen much of in photographs. Certainly that is influenced by the desire of many to protect their gear but I suspect that most photographers just aren't "grabbed" by the light. They find it too drab and dreary and would probably prefer to spend their photographic time being all cheery and bright, creating photographs that are all beer and skittles.

And given our cultural preference for escapism and the avoidance of real reality, they are doing a good job of following the piper.

Me, I prefer to photograph what I see when I see it and, as much as is possible with the photographic medium, as it is. You might even say that I think reality bites - but make that "bites" as in jolts, invigorates, slaps in the face, awakens with a bang.


Anonymous Michelle Parent said...

I like the light in days like yesterday. The light in your photo is great! It captures perfectly what this time of year is all about. I don't hate anytime of year. I may moan and groan about it getting colder at first, but I adapt and I wouldn't live anywhere else. I went out too yesterday, but it looks like you had a better day than I. I found a dead spikehorn buck, unclaimed by a hunter (not allowed to shoot spikehorns anyway) and then the neighbor's dog got out and attacked my dog on the way home. Anyway, As long as it isn't pouring down rain, I like getting out in it too. The fog and misty atmosphere is just one of those things I really like that you captured here as well and that is what you get around here in the NE when it rains. I also don't mind the darker tones of the later part of the day. I've always loved your twilight photos. There is a moodiness there I really love. I hate being constrained by the "golden light" times of day and not going out unless it is "perfect". I always enjoy your images that "break the rules" so to speak and let me see what you see WHEN you see it and HOW you choose to show it.

11/15/2006 04:01:00 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Perhaps photography in general has been too biased by images in "good light" - what about all those gloomy days - is there really nothing of interest in them? I think not... and thanks for illustrating that nicely!

11/16/2006 12:06:00 AM  

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