Saturday, November 25, 2006

Interior "landscapes"

With a fair degree of insight and accuracy, my wife is always accusing me of creating "landscapes" or "set pieces" all over our house. This is not a topic of great concern to our coupleship, but ocassionally, when the "landscape" in question includes something that should be put way, she has to slip into her tolerance-not-obliterance persona (for which I am deeply and continuously grateful).

In the case of this powder room landscape, no matter how I try to explain the artistic merits and rewards of contemplating this broom while sitting on the crapper, she just doesn't seem to grok.


Anonymous Kent Wiley said...

Mark, when I first looked at this photo, it made me smile at its simplicity and beauty. But as I read your comments, I began to feel about the way your wife probably does: "What the HELL is that broom doing leaning in the corner of the powder room?" Everything in its place, and the corner of the powder room is OBVIOUSLY not the place for a broom! That's what broom closets are for... Great work. Me - I'm contemplating a garage series. Surely nothing could be out of place there, could it?

11/26/2006 09:40:00 PM  

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