Monday, December 18, 2006

Steve Durbin ~ "My Adirondacks"

In the spirit of Lisa Gimber's recent submission, here's a representative view of my Adirondacks. There actually would be mountains visible in the picture (this being western Montana), but last September there was often too much smoke from distant forest fires. That also made it more monochrome than usual, which fits how I usually see. Probably less than half of my landscapes involve mountains, anyway.

Hope this submission doesn't violate a taboo on the landscapist; I don't recall seeing anything but color images in my perusals so far.

publisher's comment: No taboo is in effect. There have been only a few B&W submissions to The Landscapist - Timothy Atherton's Immersive Landscapes come to mind.

Also, another note of thanks to Lisa Gimber for her submission and her notion of "My Adirondacks". I like the idea - seconded by Steve Durbin - of seeing photography of other's "Adirondacks". That is, your place on the planet, a place that you hold near and dear. Keep those cards and letters coming.


Anonymous Michelle Parent said...

B&W was where I started and holds a dear place in my heart. This has a somber mood, to me and interesting textures in the FG. The hummocks of grass nicely replace your invisible mountains for me. It's good to see your place in the world.

12/18/2006 06:38:00 PM  

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